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ICS has supplied high-class innovative software tools for the automation industry for more than 20 years. We set standards for the design of ergonomic GUIs which are created in close cooperation with our customers and according to standard style guides.

ICS customers are manufacturers of field devices and plant system builders in the process industry, the automotive industry and the power industry with whom we have shared long standing partnerships.

tv2introFor the display of online trend charts or archived measuring data ICS offers TrendViewer, a COM and .NET 2.0 component which is integrated into the user interface of control systems or into customers' applications. Read more...

ICS product TrendAnalyzer is used in the documentation and evaluation of archives of measured values. Curves of several but also of different databases can be displayed in diagrams simultaneously. Read more...


FDTgroupMemberICS has participated in the development of the Field Device Tool Specification (FDT). ICS offers the development of Device Type Managers /DTMs) on the basis of our DTM Master Concept.


ICS provides generic DTMs for an easy parameterization of all HART® and Profibus PA field devices. Read more...

Our customers are located in many countries:

TrendViewer, TrendAnalyzer

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Device Type Manager

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