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Device Type Manager for your field devices

fdtlogo1The Field Device Tool (FDT)-Specification allows to integrate communication-capable field devices into many control systems, into parameterization software and engineering systems according to the 'plug and play' principle - regardless of the communication system and the device manufacturer. Each field device is represented by a Device Type Manager (DTM), which is integrated into e.g. control systems or parameterization tools like PACTware.

Since the year 2000 we have developed the FDT Specification together with other device manufacturers in process automation.

With the new DTM Style Guide that we developed in cooperation with 10 companies it will be a great benefit for the user to be able to use all DTMs according to the same principle.

fdt2To gain the benefits of FDT2 we joint a consortium of 20 companies that invested in the development of so called DTM Common Components. These Common components will be integrated in all DTMs in order to get a better interoperability with frame applications, use recent software architectur (.NET 4), support client server concepts and certification for a comprehensive and secure software management and support new devices like tablets and smartphones for user interfaces.

...read more about development of Device Type Managers and generic DTMs.

We are a member of the FDT Group

FDTgroupMember3The FDT Group has set itself a target to push the acceptance and the use of the FDT Technology in the different industries.

Commissioned by the FDT Group we developed the style guide compliant DTM Prototype which provides a Master to DTM Developers and an explanantion of the Style Guide.

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