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Development of Individual Device Type Managers based on the DTM Master Concept

Since the introduction of the FDT Technology in the year 2000 several tools for the development of Device Type Managers (DTMs) have emerged. Those tools are either generators or interpreters, using a Device Description (DD) to create a DTM of the same functionality or so-called Tool Kits which support the design of DTMs and provide FDT-related components as ready-to-use building blocks.

An objective of the DTM Master concept is to describe all standardizable parts of a DTM as simple and compact as possible and to provide a platform for the extension with use-oriented components to achieve highest possible flexibility.

strukturThe DTM Master Concept also takes into account that device families or device variants should be operated using one DTM only. Even more than one communication protocol can be supported by one DTM.

As far as possible, those DTMs are constructed using a special object oriented editor and can be adapted with little effort parallel to the device development at a later point of time.

If you are planning to develop certifiable and FDT Styleguide consistent Device Type Managers on a reliable, long-term supported basis, the DTM Master Concept provides an excellent starting point.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you want to make use of our in depth know-how in planning and developing a specific DTM. We will provide you with an effort estimation and suggest solutions for your requirements.

Device Type Manager examples

GenHARTDTMR5The user interface of a DTM consists of 6 areas according to the DTM Style Guide of the FDT Group:
1. Identification
2. Toolbar
3. Navigation
4. Parameter and function area
5. Action area
6. Status bar

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DTM Master Concept

CDKrohneThe design of the user interface in the DTM Master concept is so flexible that any customized style guide can be implemented within the predefined specifications of the DTM Style Guide.

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Special functions

373xPSTSpecial functions like e.g. the analysis of the device behavior can be implemented very easily with the DTM Master Concept to handle even more complex requirements.

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