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FDT2 Generic HART® DTM Release 8

The universal HART DTM for use with FDT2 frame applications

Generic HART® DTM has been very successfully used for years in FDT1 conform frame applications in more than 30 countries. Now we provide the FDT2 Generic HART® DTM among the first available FDT2 device DTMs worldwide. It can be used with frame applications like PACTware5 or fdtContainer4.

Generic HART® DTM Release 8 provides the same functions like release 6. Universal and common practice commands of all HART protocol versions are supported. The user interface can be used in 9 languages.

For device manufacturers the Generic HART® DTM can be ordered with an own Brand Label for an affordable entry into the FDT2 world.

Do you require a special DTM for your field device to provide all features to your customers in an appealing manner? Our development framework DTM Master is suitable for implementing both: FDT1- and FDT2-DTMs. Find out more about the implementation of an individual DTM.

Generic HART® DTM for use with touch devices

In addition to Release 6 the FDT2 DTM will support 3 profiles for user interfaces:

GenHART6identE1. Desktop for use on standard PCs

2. Touch for use on laptops, tablets or video walls that provide touch devices

3. VDI3850 for safe interaction on touch devices using gloves

When profiles Touch or VDI3850 are selected, the virtual keyboard function is used for input of parameter values.

If the screen e.g. on a tablet is limited, parameters are displayed using responsive design for error free readability of parameter values and units.

Support of touch devices will be delivered with release 8.1.

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