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PACTware® ProcessMonitor Add-in for data acquisition

ProcessMonitor Add-in is used for cyclical reading measured data from field devices, presentation of measured data in charts and archive them in text files or databases for a later documentation or analysis. An online configuration defines which device variables are to be read. That can be all parameters or measured values that are provided by the DTM of a device.


This PACTware® Add-in provides an extremly effordable solution for continuous data acquisition even on unattended work stations or during maintenance tasks.

After installation PACTware automatically adds ProcessMonitor Add-in to its list of add-ins. ProcessMonitor Add-in will be added to the PACTware menu View after loading and can then be displayed and used.

ppm20The user interface of ProcessMonitor Add-in shows three areas:

  • a toolbar providing all tools for direct configuration of the curve window and definition of archiving
  • the very flexible curve window for display of running data curves during data acquisition
  • an information area where some attributes of scales and curves can be changed and current values are displayed

The ProcessMonitor Add-in is displayed in a non modal window in addition to all DTM windows. Therefore data acquisition and parameterization of devices can be executed in parallel. Data are continuously recorded even if the add-in window is minimized.

During data acquisition all recorded data are buffered in the curve window and can then be stored to an archive (csv-formatted text file or ACCESS database) for later documentation or analysis using e.g. TrendAnalyzer.

If measurement data are written to the selected archive in continuous mode no data are lost in case PACTware is accidently finished.



For configuration of device variables that will be read for data acquisition by ProcessMonitor Add-in required DTMs in the PACTware project are selected.

ProcessMonitor Add-in tries to read data from a selected HART or Profibus capable field device and provides all device variables that are available for data acquisition.

Pressing the OK or Apply key, all checked measured values are collected for the information area. If a y-scale of an already configured measured value uses the same unit as a newly selected value, the user is asked whether the same y-scale should be used. Thus groups of measured values are formed that are comparable which each other.


 Download ProcessMonitor Add-in for a test free of charge.

Look at our tutorial video and you will learn in 5 minutes how theProcessMonitor Add-in works!

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