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Today most of production plants are supported by automation or driven by automatic control systems thus providing a high quality and reproducability of the production process. In addition automation components are used at laboratories or small systems like calibration stands that require a higher flexiblity than continuous running chemical, pharmaceutical or power plants.

What all applications have in common is, that data acquisition, archiving and analysis are to be handled in a similar way. That leads to the demand on generic but also very flexible software tools. ICS offers highly usable programs and components that meet these requirements in the best way.

Data recording, Parameterization and Calibration of all HART® field devices in a plant
using Generic HART DTM

genhart bartecField devices that provide communication using the HART protocol are often parameterized and calibrated by Handheld Terminal. If many HART capable field devices are used in a plant access to every single device for maintenance purposes is very time-consuming.

In order to gain access to all HART devices within a communication structur, field devices are often connected to HART multiplexers or remote I/O systems. Implementing this architecture enables access to all connected field devices from a single working place. A very low-priced software solution for all maintenance tasks that need only Universal und Common Practice Commands of the HART protocol is provided by a combination of PACTware that can be downloaded from this web site and theGeneric HART DTM. Maintenance personal gets diagnostic information and data acquisition from all HART devices - even if there is no Device Description available - and devices can be parameterized and calibrated as well. In addition a basic condition monitoring is available that can be executed cyclically thus providing an overview about the condition of the production plant.

Have a look at the tutorial videos on our Youtube channel that show some of the main use cases
More details are explained in a short functional overview here.
Download Generic HART DTM for a 30 days free trial.

Use PACTware® ProcessMonitor Add-in for data acquisition

Pactware macToday a continuous data acquisition over a long time intervall is a strong demand. The higher the production speed, the more ambitious quality requirements and the more complex workflows are, the more important is a permanent data recording and archiving.

In every plant where PACTware is available for commissioning and maintenance purposes, this software tool can be enhanced for data acquisition simply by installing the ProcessMonitor add-in. Up to 30 process variables of field devices that are HART and Profibus capable, can be recorded, displayed in charts and archived at the same time. All DTMs in a PACTware project can be used for this task.

It can be of special interest that the ProcessMonitor add-in can even be used in unattended work stations or in parallel to executing maintenance tasks using PACTware.

Measured data can be archived in csv-formatted text files or MS ACCESS databases for a later documentation and analysis by e.g.TrendAnalyzer.

Take a short tour with our tutorial video on youtube that explains how to configure and use this add-in.
More information about ProcessMonitor add-in your will find here...
Download ProcessMonitor add-in for a free test session.

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Document and analyze trends of recorded data

Trendanalyzer macTrendAnalyzer allows fast and easy view of your archives of measured data! Data columns in EXCEL-tables, csv-files, WinCC archives, ACCESS-databases and all data sources, which are accessible via ODBC are immediately turned into trend diagrams.

TrendAnalyzer supports for example the following use cases:

  • detection of short drop out
  • scontinuous deterioration of devices
  • energy loss or high energy consumption
  • confirmation of process optimization

If you send us a sample data set we will show you in a very short time how to successfully work with TrendAnalyzer.

Download TrendAnalyzer for a free test!

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Charting everywhere at its best!

Trendviewer3 macAll software tools introduced on this page: Generic HART DTM, ProcessMonitor Add-in and TrendAnalyzer contain TrendViewer 3 for display of data charts.

With TrendViewer 3 the best usability of flexible display of complex trend diagrams is provided for every user.
More than 500 analog value and binary curves with hundreds of thousands points, 2 x-scales and 500 y-scales can be configured for ergonomic displays.

Integrate TrendViewer 3 in your application for a professional display of large data curves like more than 100 customers all over the world have already done!
You will find the software component together with code samples and a test program in our Download area.

TrendViewer 3 comes as a COM or .NET 2.0-Component. It can be used for implementation without license.

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