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Check out how the measured values change in TrendAnalyzer 3 Small Edition!

Writing csv-formatted (comma separated values) files is the standard procedure for recording measured values that are later evaluated and displayed in programs like EXCEL. TrendAnalyzer Small Edition is the ideal component if you want to produce a documentation of good readability and set up interactive charts in an easy way.
The configuration of charts requires little effort and can be repeated any time. TrendAnalyzer Small Edition provides all the graphical and interactive features of the TrendAnalyzerStandard Edition.

See application sample below:

The program has written two datasets into one file:

28.04.2002 15:53:35;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;65,5;°C;1316,2;m/s;3;%;0,0;m/s;82;
28.04.2002 15:53:37;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;66,1;°C;1316,2;m/s;3;%;0,0;m/s;82;
28.04.2002 15:53:40;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;66,1;°C;1316,2;m/s;3;%;0,0;m/s;82;
28.04.2002 15:53:43;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;66,1;°C;1316,2;m/s;3;%;0,0;m/s;82;
28.04.2002 15:53:46;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;66,4;°C;1316,2;m/s;3;%;0,0;m/s;82;
28.04.2002 15:53:49;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;66,4;°C;1316,2;m/s;4;%;0,0;m/s;82;
28.04.2002 15:53:51;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;66,4;°C;1316,2;m/s;3;%;0,0;m/s;82;
28.04.2002 15:53:54;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;66,4;°C;1316,2;m/s;3;%;0,0;m/s;82;
28.04.2002 15:53:57;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;67,0;°C;1316,2;m/s;3;%;0,0;m/s;82;
28.04.2002 15:53:59;0,00000;m³/h;0,00000;m³;3,600;mA;67,0;°C;1316,2;m/s;4;%;0,0;m/s;83;


A line, like shown below, identifying the measured curves has to be inserted at the beginning of the file to simplify the selection of the measured curves and ensure correct inscription of the chart:


The databases window displays the correct names of the measuring curves:

The measuring curves are selected directly from the datasource window and the requested curves are entered to the curve table via 'drag and drop'.


The requested curves are now switched to visible and the chart with the scales is configured.

This could look like the following example:

... and your documentation is finished!


Is the data format of your csv-files not the standard one? No problem! TrendAnalyzer includes a wizard which will convert your files to the standard format.


Download our Training Video showing you how to use TrendAnalyzer in a few minutes!


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