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Surf on a wave of measured data with TrendAnalyzer 3 Standard Edition!

If analog values of 100 sensors are archived every 20 seconds and analog values of another 100 sensors were archived every minute...

  • the archives will increase by 576.000 values every day!
  • Over 17 million measured values will be archived within one month!

The chart below shows data curves with 1.2 million points each.


Do you want to display, analyze and document the characteristics of measuring curves of some sensors over a period of 10 weeks? TrendAnalyzer can handle this job in only a few minutes !

TrendAnalyzer Standard Edition

  • can be used as an application for a professional data analysis on Windows XP, Vista and Windows7 computers
  • reads csv- and dBase-files, EXCEL-tables, ACCESS-, WINCC, Oracle, SQL Server or other databases, that can be edited via ODBC-drivers.
  • supports the selection of trend charts via drag and drop also from various databases simultaneously.
  • up to 30 curves can be used simultaneously in one data analysis uses the unique features of TrendViewer in the visual analysis of extensive volumes of data
  • can be extended by special features

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