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Professional data analysis - Navigate with TrendAnalyzer3 through the torrent of measured data!

taintroThe permanent recording of measured data from production processes is a matter of course nowadays. The quantity of data to be recorded increases along with the complexity of the process, the production speed, and also when increased demands are placed on quality control. These factors allow deviations in defined functions or failure of plant components to be detected at an early point in time.

Potentials for energy savings can be recognized for example by controlling air conditioners in superstores or by recording power consumption of air compressors. Analyzing measured data using an extremly flexible software tool provides you with an indication which changes of a system will be successful.

The following variants of TrendAnalyzer are available:

Standard Edition

for the documentation of extensive archives of measured data which e.g. are recorded by process control systems. This variant also allows to edit several data sources (databases, EXCEL spreadsheets and csv-formatted files) simultaneously. Read more...

Professional Edition

for the mathematical analysis of extensive archives of measurement data. Additional functions to the Standard Edition are that measured curves can be read from database queries and edited measured curves can be saved to ACCESS-databases and csv-formatted files. Read more...

Site Edition

allows to use the professional edition on all computers of a site.


Tutorials show several use cases with TrendAnalyzer in a few minutes.

Test TrendAnalyzer by yourselves or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to us for a joint analysis.

TrendAnalyzer can be extended with additional features. Read more about an example...


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