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TrendViewer - meets the highest standards in charting large data sets

tv2introToday a permanent data recording is installed nearly everywhere in production plants. Charting components are integrated in many applications used for intelligent field devices like senors or actuators or in more complex systems like e.g. calibration stands. In order to support end users reading complex charts in a proper way TrendViewer was implemented many years ago providing a very high usability. We develop and maintain this sophisticated software component according to the requirements of our customers since the beginning in 1998.

The latest release TrendViewer 3 can be used for charting hugh data archives of measured data - we ourselves use it in our TrendAnalyzer application - as well as for high speed online applications that write up to 400.000 data points per second.

If you read a complex chart containing a mixture of binary and analog curves you can get lost in the masses of data. TrendViewer supports you with a lot of auxiliary lines, dynamic scales that can be arranged even interactively, grouping of curves that can easily be switched on and off thus reducing the complexity of a chart and show the main point of interest during your data analysis. Browse through the examples below on this page or look at all the tutorial videos on our youtube channel or the download area to learn in a few minutes how powerfull TrendViewer supports every complex charting task.

TrendViewer displays charts containing up to 512 data curves that can be related to up to 512 y-scales and 2 independent x-scales. A highly dynamic zoom and pan function is provided by using every scale directly with a pointing device as you know it from todays smart phone apps.

Download either TrendViewer 3 COM Component or TrendViewer 3 .NET Component for a test implementation. You will be supported by many implementation examples and a detailed manual. You need a license only in case you deliver your finished product to your customers.

Our customers' comments about TrendViewer

TrendViewer is fascinating. The speed at which even extensive loads of data are transferred to the Control is very impressive. Excellent search for individual extemal values by viewing the envelope curve display. It is unique how data can be zoomed in and out by using the mouse.
(M. Hoffmann, Foxboro Eckardt GmbH, Stuttgart)

We require a phase diagram (x/y)-display for the integration of a Minolta color measuring system in WinCC. TrendViewer was easily and quickly integrated into WinCC process pictures by using Visual Basic. (Chr. Kummer, Lang&Peitler, Ludwigshafen)

I didn't mention it before, but I'd like to congratulate your firm on the development of Trendviewer. Its a nice, well done, highly functional piece of software.(Dave Gould, President, Previse Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I didn't mention it before, but I'd like to congratulate your company on the development of TrendViewer. It's a nice, well done, highly functional piece of software. (Dave Gould, President, Previse Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

...on this occasion I would like to congratulate you on the development of TrendViewer. Especially the new version offers features our customers have been waiting for. (Martin Gamperl, MGS Messgerätesteuerung, Graz, Austria)

Absolutely brilliant. That's exactly what I wanted - what a control! (John Weatherley, KLS Systems, Cinderford, UK)

10 charting examples that can be configured using TrendViewer 3

1. The y-scales can be combined in any variation. All y-scales can be arranged side by side or on top of each other. Individual curves or curve groups can be assigned to the y-scales.

2. urves either use the entire trend field of TrendViewer as display surface - regardless of the range used by the associated y-scale - or they are only displayed in a strip that corresponds in width to the associated y-scale.








3. Archived curves can be compared with current curves or several parts of one curve can be compared among themselves in a more convenient way when you define opposite x-scales to which curve groups can be assigned. The zoom and scroll functions can be applied to both x-scales independently.

The auxiliary lines that are assigned to the scales, allow to place grids over the trend field. The distances between the auxiliary lines are freely definable. The dynamic auxiliary lines which are distributed in definable steps (e.g. minutes on a time scale) are to be mentioned especially. Equidistent time intervals in online curves can such be marked for example for best usability.


4. X-S-scales may contain ticks for time, value and degrees. Y-Scales can be inscribed in linear or logarithmic divison of values or degree division.

5. The curves display symbols that either distinguish the curves (e.g. on a black/white print-out) or mark the existing vertices of the curves (e.g. data points). A clear representation can be designed by marking only every n-th data point with a symbol.
Two demarcation lines which can be shifted interactively and can such be assigned to each curve.


6. The inscription of scales is optional. The font size can be fixed such that the inscription remains unchanged when the size of the trend window is changed.


7. The stroke widths and styles of curves and rulers are freely selectable providing unrestricted display options! Please keep in mind, that the stroke width of the curves may reduce the interactive operability depending on the performance of the graphics card.


8. For a better readability of small deviations of 2 curves or between a curve and a limit line the area between both elements can be filled with a solid color or a pattern.


9. In the Professional Edition curves can be shifted interactively and curve points can be modified. Curves with setpoint values can such be modified and adapted to curves of actual values, for example.


10. The Professional Edition also allows to arrange scales interactively. Phase diagrams and complex diagrams can such be enhanced without changing the curve display.


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