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TrendAnalyzer FAQ-List

Why doesn't TrendAnalyzer recognize the license, although a license file exists?
Answer 1:
The name of license file the license file is incorrect or the directory is incorrect.
The license file ("trdanalyzer3.lic") must not be renamed and be contained in the exact same directory as the program to be recognized.
Answert 2:
TrendAnalyzer is used on more than one PC with the same license simultaneously.
Why is TrendAnalyzer unable to read my CSV-file correctly?
Answer 1:

TrendAnalyzer uses the date,- time- and numerical values (decimal separators) which are predefined in the country settings. Example where to find: Windows Control Panel: Regional and Language > Customize...

EinstellungD 1
Answer 2:
TrendAnalyzer uses the field separator, a default setting in the text driver of Microsoft Jet Engine.
Windows XP:
regeditD 2
regeditwin7 3
Answer 3:
The first line of a csv-file must contain the field names, the values are entered to the second line. If a csv-file contains a prolog (e.g. a description about the concerned measuring point), the respective lines must be deleted. The builtin import wizard allows to adapt the csv-file format.
Which ODBC Driver Release should I use for ORACLE data bases?
Driver Release is tested.
Are there other ODBC drivers?
The product DataDirect Connect ODBC (named Merant) is offered by Siemens. Order address: Siemens AG, A&D SH11, Gleiwitzer Str. 555, 90475 Nürnberg, Tel. 0911/895-4742 (Mr. Lehnhard), Fax 0911/895-3263

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